Our Commitment


From water preservation, to designating green areas, environmental concerns are at the forefront of our every decision. When we plan our growth strategy, no factor is left out and the same can be said about our environmental footprint. Throughout planning and design to daily operations, every aspect of our operations are analyzed for environmental impact. Mature trees, earth privacy berms and newly planted spruce, ensure that that highway vistas are naturally enhanced. Even our equipment meets the most stringent emissions requirements. We proudly stand before our record of consistently being stewards of the land. Find more information on Trigan Resources Inc. here.

Caring For The Community

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IMGP4554MRT Aggregates takes pride in being a good neighbour and an environmentally conscience business in the community. As stewards of the environment, MRT has taken steps to ensure operations are completely transparent to the public. In the past, MRT has offered tour invitations to neighbours and cottage associations.

MRT works in compliance with all local and Provincial regulations.
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